Urban Research Lab


AHKRC has established an Urban Research Lab in one such urban settlement in Rawalpindi for research purposes. A field office has been established on-site, and regular engagement with the community helps with community engagement. Dhok Hassu has thus been the testing site for many of AHKRC’s projects.

AHKRC, in partnership with RADS, has compiled a complete mapping of the population in Dhok Hassu (consisting of Union Councils 5, 6 and 8 in Rawalpindi). This information was not available in the public domain prior to this, and has thus allowed AHKRC to conduct properly sampled household surveys. AHKRC and RADS have conducted extensive research in collaboration on a number of areas. The reports can be accesses here. (provide link to reports etc.)

Target Outcomes

•   Increasing the modern Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (mCPR), especially in Long Acting Reversible methods (LARCs)
•   Reducing discontinuation rates among current users

Household Visits
Follow Ups
New Users